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Photojournalism Ethics: Response from Ron Haviv

I got super excited yesterday when I read on twitter VII photo agency were going to be doing a Reddit AMA session. You may recall I had some questions for Ron Haviv from my post about the breakdown of ethics in photojournalism. Duckrabbit have in the past tried to ask Mr Haviv about the same issue which you can read here. In haste, I carefully crafted my question in 140 characters and posted it on twitter and then  – nothing! To be fair, VII had advertised the AMA session on Reddit so I followed the link and grabbed my opportunity. I wasn’t sure if…

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Photojournalism Ethics: Response from Ami Vitale

Following my earlier post examining ethics in photojournalism, Ami Vitale responded. On Sunday 14 May, @mariakaribu tweeted asking Ami Vitale why she was selling a picture of a 6 year old girl Awa, being cleaned with an alcohol swab the morning after being circumcised as a fine art print. Ami, @Amivee responded saying, NOT TRUE!! Images are not being sold as fine art!! So why the absolute denial? Well, this is where it gets a little confusing. Go to Ami’s website and when you click on ‘Shop,’ it’ll take you to a section that clearly states ‘Fine Art Prints.’ There’s some useful information…

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A Breakdown of Ethics in the Fine Art of Photojournalism-Time to See Reality

It’s been a tough week for photojournalism with rising star Souvid Datta on the ropes and the industry left reeling from what the British Journal of Photography described as the ‘scandal of the season.’ PetaPixel broke the original story on 03 May, alleging Datta had Photoshopped a character from a Mary Ellen Mark picture into his own work. Social media quickly melted into a frenzy and it wasn’t long before more allegations of plagiarism began to surface, including criticism of the industry. He has since admitted plagiarising the work of other photographers including Daniele Volpe, Hazel Thompson and Raul Irani. But…