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Rishi Sunak Speaks to Leaders & Experts but Continues to Ignore Forgotten and Excluded

Rishi Sunak talking to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay about how he's coped with the pandemic.

On 18 February 2021, Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced in a tweet he is going to be speaking to industry leaders and experts to hear how they’ve reacted to the pandemic starting with Gordon Ramsay who’s launched a new TV show in lockdown. No surprise there, the guy’s a celebrity chef with a string of TV shows already under his belt. In other words, Rishi Sunak is going to be talking to rich people – millionaire to millionaire; those least impacted by the pandemic.

What about ordinary people? How have they coped with the pandemic? Excluded UK, report 3 million people have been forgotten by the government, unable to access Covid-19 financial help. Rishi Sunak has consistently failed to address this issue and ignored their concerns.

As a filmmaker rooted in photojournalism, I feel it is important to give excluded and forgotten people a voice – an opportunity to tell their story in their own words.

Perhaps, you’re also a chef like Gordon Ramsay, what’s your story, how have you coped with the pandemic? Or a small business owner unable to open due to Covid restrictions. Perhaps, you’re a supply teacher abandoned by your school, agency or umbrella company. How have you coped?

So many people are struggling with financial hardship, isolation, mental and physical health problems and loss. They all have a story to tell, an important story that our elected representatives need to hear. I can help you tell your story.

Complete the form below if you want to be part of a project of short films, giving you the opportunity to tell your story of survival during the pandemic.

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